Sheet Corona Treater

Etind Corona Treater Sheet ElectroTech Product

ElectroTech Industries sheet corona treater is widely used to treat PP,PVC and metallised polyester laminated sheets to increase surface tension and gives better printing and adhesion.

Water-based and UV inks printed on plastic films and other substrates create a need for the substrate to be treated prior to printing.

Corona treating is a very effective way to increase the adhesion of virtually any plastic material. Corona treatment increases the surface tension of the Sheet / Fabrics receptive to inks by inducing molecular changes in the surface of the films/sheets.

Conventional method of roll to roll treatment is standard practice, but in offset, Sheet corona treatment is required to increase surface tension or improve the printability. Some substrates are corona-treated when they are manufactured. Many of these substrates require a surface energy boost to match a particular ink or coating. This is done with corona pretreaters on the press just prior to the coating application point.

PVC, PP, LD, Foam, Flex, metalized polyester, PE, OPP and other high-low density plastic materials should particularly be Corona treated to enhance the quality of the final product.


Treatment Width 50mm-1200mm
Line Speed up to 80mtr./min
Electrodes Aluminium / Stainless Steel/ Ceramic Tubes
Roll covering Silicone Sleeve / Bare Roller
Roller Diameter 75mm

Salient Features

  • Specific power (energy density) kept strictly constant during running
  • Corona roller in aluminium covered in special silicon sleeves (other coatings can be supplied upon requests)
  • Special electrodes in aluminium/SS. The construction is made to guarantee uniformity of the air gap. The electrode is in fact connected to the structure not on the lateral sides but in many points on the upper beam of the station. This allows a free expansion when running
  • Easy air-gap regulation from outside the hood containing the electrode
  • Electrodes opened pneumatically for easy webbing up
  • Rollers statically and dynamically balanced
  • Speed sensor mounted on the corona roller
  • Safety switches shut down the power supply in case of accidental opening of the hood containing the electrodes
  • Electromagnetic (EMC) compatibility in accordance.
  • Possibility to have segmented electrodes. The segments can be individually moved away from the corona roller. The construction system is done in a way that allows an easy and fast setting of the partialization during a production change and moreover guarantees an absolute stability of the chosen position of the segments during running
  • High Stiffness of the structure holding the electrodes. Another important point for the stability of the air-gap