Corona Treateatment System

Corona Treater System

Corona Treatment System High Frequency & High Prefomance

We will be able to draw on a vast amount of experience if you ask Etind Electrotech to define a unique surface treating solution for your project. Thousands of installations we service globally have contributed to our application knowledge. We optimise treatment levels and reduce application challenges for printing, coating, and laminating with our high powered ceramic electrodes and distinctive roll coverings.

Corona treatment technique may be a surface modification system. this technique accustomed optimize the adhesion properties of the fabric and to confirm bonding with inks, coatings, and adhesives. The surface treatment is important for the plastic films and materials as a result of the physical phenomenon of those materials is low to allow sensible wetting by flexographic inks.

A high-frequency charge provides Associate in Nursing economical method of accelerating the adhesion and wettability of a plastic surface. The physical phenomenon of the material various to inks multiplied by the subsequent methods: inducement a molecular amendment within the surface of the films and exposing the air at the material's surface to a high voltage discharge referred to as a corona. within the corona treatment plastic film/fabric is passed from free roller through the air gap between the conductor and also the polymer roller.

Corona treatment may be a surface treatment of profiles, treatment of cables, injection of shaped elements and utilized in the wrapping, automotive, extrusion, and medical industries.

As shown within the diagram the material is passed from free roller through the air gap between the multisegmented conductor and also the atomic number 14 roller that generates endless shower of ionised air referred to as CORONA.The electerode and nonconductor cowl on the roller is the electrical affiliation to the stream of ionised air within the airgap.


Main Voltage 115 or 230 VAC
Power 550 Watt
Main Frequency 50/60 Hz
Output Frequency 25 KHz
Mounting Cantilevered or Base Mounting
Electrodes Ceramic
Power Consumption 600VA
Roller Coating Ceramic
Side For Treatment Single or Double
Line Speed 1 - 400 m/min

Salient Features

  • Corona Treater Rollers with high-grade silicone sleeves for dielectric insulation
  • Treating heads with pneumatic actuators and split assembly for simple film threading.
  • To guarantee optimum wrap angles with treater rollers, there are 1dler rollers at the film entry and exit.
  • Easy Adjusting the inline air gap is done using knobs that are located outside the ducts.
  • S.S. High tension cable with double dielectric sheathing that is braided for safety
  • Rollers that are balanced statically and dynamically.
  • Proximity switch for closed-loop feedback and zero speed sensing for automatic watt density regulation.
  • For human safety, assemble an open safety switch.
  • To guarantee equal and parallel air gaps, use electrode holding bars and rigid cross members.


  • A paper industry extrusion and coating facility
  • A facility for laminating plastic sheet or aluminium foil
  • Single and multilayer blown film extrusion for plastic film plants
  • A sheet line factory
  • Products made of plastic
  • Flexo printing machine for woven sacks.
  • PTFE coated fibre glass fabric with gum coating
  • PVC sheet with PVDC coating for use in pharmaceutical applications
  • The interior of the container is treated with a corona treater.
  • Also employed for flexographic label printing

Optional Features

  • Treatment Rollers with a Silicon or Ceramic Coating
  • Fixed electrodes of the stainless steel rod type
  • digital readout air gap adjusters