Extrusion Line Corona Treater

Corona Treater Extrusion Line Product

Etind Corona treater on blown film or forged film extrusion line Corona Treater is important so as to get an ideal physical phenomenon before the subsequent changing method. while not pretreatment the extruded substrates won't permit additional changing processes because of low physical phenomenon.

Corona treatment is needed on Extrusion coating/Lamination plant For higher adhesion of a skinny layer of polyolefin's (Mainly LDPE / PP) on substrates like Paper, textile, plain-woven materials, Jute cloth, foil, BOPP film, Polyester film, etc. Paper, textile, plain-woven materials, Jute cloth, foil, BOPP film, Polyester film, etc must be corona treated before coating to attain higher bonding.

Corona treatment system may be a terribly effective thanks to increase the physical phenomenon of nearly any material. The surface treatment is needed for plain-woven materials whose traditional physical phenomenon isn't sufficiently high to allow smart wetting, corona treatment will increase bonding. Corona treaters extrusion line increase the surface energy of films, foils, and paper to boost wettability and adhesion of inks, coatings, and adhesives. Film extruders use corona treaters to extend a film's surface energy at the time of extrusion. This pretreatment method allows the film to be later regenerate by printers, coaters & laminators.

Corona communicator on Blown Film and forged Film Extrusion lines is important so as to achieve an ideal physical phenomenon before the changing processes like printing/lamination/coating. while not Corona Treatment the extruded substrates won't permit any changing processes because of low physical phenomenon

As a movie manufacture you need reliable corona treatment equipments which will simply be maintained, be phase set-up and run production nonstop. These ar key-points for a Corona communicator on associate degree extrusion line. The ElectroTech Industries Corona treaters ar designed for our customers with the customer’s challenges in mind. we have a tendency to specialize in equipments that may create your production run swimmingly with uniform force unit level and no unplanned stops.


Treatment Width 400mm-4000mm
Line Speed up to 120mtr./min
Electrodes Aluminium / Stainless Steel
Treatment Sides 1, 2 or 4
Roll covering Silicone Sleeve
Roller Diameter 50mm-200mm
Types of Extrusion Lines Blown / Cast/ Stretch / Sheet

Salient Features

  • Corona Treater Rollers covered with high dielectric grade silicone sleeves
  • Pneumatically actuated treating heads / Split Assembly for easy threading of the films.
  • 1dler rollers at film entry & exit to ensure proper wrap angle of film with treater roller.
  • Easy Inline air gap adjustment with knobs provided externally on the ducts
  • S.S. Braided double dielectric sheathed high tension cable to ensure safety
  • Dynamically and statically balanced rollers.
  • Proximity switch for zero speed sensing & closed loop feedback for Auto watt density control.
  • Assembly open safety switch for human safety
  • Rigid cross members and electrode holding bars to ensure uniform and parallel air gaps

Optional Features

  • Silicon or Ceramic-coated Treater Rollers
  • Stainless steel rod type fixed electrodes
  • Air gap adjusters with digital readout