Cable Corona Treater

Etind ElectroTech Cabletreat Features

ElectroTech Industries CABLETREAT corona treaters are widely used in cable and wire industries for better ink adhesion of inkjet printing on wire and cable extrusion coating lines on PVC/ XLPE/PE. The wire treater is used for cleaning of bare conductor for better adhesion of PVC coating on wire.


Cable Diameter Range 05.-2.5, 4-50,70-300, 400-100
Max. Cable Speed 30 -150 mtr./min
Material PVC/PE/XLPE

Salient Features

  • Non-contact Circumferential Treatment
  • Completely enclosed treating chamber
  • Auto watt density Proportional control with Line speed
  • Zero Speed Sensing with Pulse Block function
  • Assembly open Switch
  • Low Maintenance
  • Zero Wastage and rejections
  • Good Solution for Conductor Cleaning