Ceramic Coated Roller

Etind Ceramic Coated Roller Corona Treater

Etind Electrotech Ceramic Coated Roller provider & Manufacturer in India

Ceramic Coated Roller appropriate for Corona communicator. Ceramic Coatings is finished by mistreatment the newest Plasma Technology and totally machine-controlled robotic system to attain a standardized, very dense and wear resistance ceramic with nominal body for precise optical maser Engraving.

According to the necessity of our honorable customers WHO square measure operating in industrial sectors, we have a tendency to square measure providing you Ceramic Coated Rollers. with prime quality. As they're coated with ceramic coating they're additional compatible to lowers down the significant bulks. in keeping with the significant uses of pulleys, we've extended its quality to require the strain of significant burdens. they're easy to control and install and giving it to you at terribly cheap costs.

On the opposite hand, the physical properties of coating materials have an on the spot result on the behavior of water on the coated surface (hydrophilic / hydrophobic) likewise as its tendency to draw in or repel binders, pigments, stickles, and alternative impurities. “Etind Electrotech” coatings also can becustomized with relation to its chemical composition for various rolls of paper mills.