• Corona Treater on Blown Film and Cast Film Extrusion lines is essential in order to attain a perfect surface tension prior to the converting processes

    Corona Treatment System

  • Web Guiding Systems are used to automatically guide all type of all type of flexible material of any width, under any load, at any seed.

    Web Guiding System

  • The surface tension of plastic films is not sufficiently high to permit good adhesion of print ink with plastic film .

    Corona Treatment


ELECTRO TECH INDUSTRIES are the leading suppliers of Corona Treater across the globe

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Electro Tech Industries are the exclusive manufacturers of Corona Treater. Started this organization in the year 1992 and since then have developed treaters for various applications like films, Foil, Woven sack, Paper, Textile etc. These treaters have been installed and functioning on many Indian and overseas installations. We enclose a list of installations in India and overseas.

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We have been selected for WQC International Star Award in the Gold Category, Paris 2001 for our commitment to quality in our product.