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Narrow Web Treater Narrow Web Treater Narrow Web Treater

Narrow Web TreaterNarrow Web Treater

Installed at Precision Econwind Inc. USA for 9 inch Kapton Film (before Gum Coating)

Narrow Web Treater. Electro Tech Industries, India is leading manufacturer and exporter of narrow web treater with great quality and affordable price.


Narrow Web Corona Treater are primarily used in converting applications like label printing / adhesive coatings substrates like Teflon / Fibre Glass cloth  etc. Narrow web treater are generally single side treater with max. Width upto 12 inch and running at a line speed more than 100 mtrs./min. In this type of Narrow Web treaters treatment rollers are of  6 inch dia covered with silicone rubber sleeves and two bare guide rollers. It has cantilever type of construction with Segmented Electrode ( 4 fins / 6 fins )  System covered with FRP for operators safety. These treaters are comes with Ozone Extraction system and assembly open H.T. Interlock for operators safety. It has pneumatically operated Electrode system for threading of the film.

Narrow Web Treater Features:
Narrow Web Treater
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Pneumatically operated hinged type assembly.
Ozone Extraction System
External Air Gap Adjustment
Single Side Treatment. ( Segmented Electrode )
Treatment width : 4 inch to 16 inch.
Electrotech offers Narrow Web Treater with high quality and features.
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Narrow Web Treater
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Narrow Web Treater Narrow Web Treater
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