ElectroTech Industries CABLETREAT corona treaters are widely used in cable and wire industries for better ink adhesion of inkjet printing on wire and cable extrusion coating lines on PVC/ XLPE/PE. The wire treater is used for cleaning of bare conductor for better adhesion of PVC coating on wire.


Cable Diameter Range 05.-2.5, 4-50,70-300, 400-100
Max. Cable Speed 30 -150 mtr./min
Material PVC/PE/XLPE

Salient Features

  • Non-contact Circumferential Treatment
  • Completely enclosed treating chamber
  • Auto watt density Proportional control with Line speed
  • Zero Speed Sensing with Pulse Block function
  • Assembly open Switch
  • Low Maintenance
  • Zero Wastage and rejections
  • Good Solution for Conductor Cleaning