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Blown Film Corona Treaters Blown Film Corona Treaters Blown Film Corona Treaters

Blown Film TreatersBlown Film Corona Treaters

Roller / Electrode Assemblies for Narrow /Wide Width Monolayer Blown Film
Blown film treaters have been specifically designed to meet the needs of the standard blown film extrudes. It is equipped with covered ground rolls and segmented aluminum/stainless steel electrodes. A compact and simple construction allows for 2 sided and adjustable width treating. Smaller Width Assemblies upto max. 750 mm have manual opening/ closing system for web threading . Larger width assemblies have pneumatically operated ( Hand Lever / Solenoid ) split assembly.
Blown Film Features & Benefits
Standard Treat Widths
Blown film treater is offered in 6 treat widths: 24” (600 mm ), 30” ( 750 mm ), 36” (900 mm ) , 42" (1050 mm), 48” ( 1200 mm ) , 60” (1500 mm ).
Blown Film Corona Treaters
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Electrode Assembly
2 mm SS Flip-Type Segments. –No oxidisation of Segment as in Aluminum.
1.25” (32 mm) Electrode Width (Determines Electrode Area & Dwell Time)
Electrode Air-Gap Adjustable from Outside the Station
Stacking Tower Light Fitted on Assembly for Normal/Fault condition display of Generator.
2-side Treatment - One Electrode Assembly Per Side
High Voltage Transformer with HV wire
Complete Structure Powder Coated.
Treater(Ground) Roll
50 mm (2”) /75 mm(3”) Diameter, Steel, Dead Shaft Mounted on Free-Running Bearings
Silicone Sleeve Dielectric
Frame Construction
Aluminum End Plates
Mild Steel Tie-Bars
Bolted Frame
Aluminum Ozone Exhaust Flange
Split Type assembly for easy threading with assembly open interlock switch.
Station completely covered for operator safety.
Special High Voltage Insulator Isolation from Electrode.
Ozone Exhaust Flange on Opposite End from High Voltage Connections
Zero Speed Sensor Shuts-Down Power Supply When Film Stops
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Blown Film Corona Treater
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Blown Film Corona Treaters Blown Film Corona Treaters
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