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Electro Tech Industries are the exclusive manufacturers of Corona Treater. Started this organization in the year 1992 and since then have developed treaters for various applications like films, Foil, Woven sack, Paper, Textile etc. These treaters have been installed and functioning on many Indian and overseas installations. We enclose a list of installations in India and overseas.

Corona Treater is widely used plastic packaging industries for increasing surface tension of plastic films before printing and lamination.

We have been awarded International Star Award in Gold Category, Paris 2001 for our commitment to quality in our product.

Corona Treater Manufacturer Corona Treater Manufacturer

Corona Treater
Electro Tech Industries are leading manufacturer and exporter of Corona Treater in India since 1992 under the brand name of FILMTREAT.

On a multilayer blown film Extruder it is necessary that you achieve a minimum of 42 dynes surface energy. If the material is stored for a longer period before sending it for printing/Lamination, you will require a much higher level of treatment, sometimes upto 48 dynes. This can be achieved through our multiple fin-segmented electrodes. We assure a trouble free performance of the treater, with necessary dynes level required for a multiplayer film. The corona treater are equipped with IGBT Switching, Zero speed cut off, , Pneumatic opening/closing of the treater, hooter signal upon web breakdown, Ozone extraction system, Closed electrode system for safety, Segmented electrodes for localized treatment and so on. The treaters are also powder coated for better aesthetics.

Our product range are Bare Roller Treater ( for Aluminum Foil / conductive films Corona Treatment with Ceramic Electrodes ) , Narrow Web Treater , Corona Treater Machine and Corona Treater Systems for Blown Film Extrusion Plants for Monolayer and High Speed Multilayer plants, On-Line Corona Treater for Rotogravure / Flexo-printing machines, Woven Sack Roll Printing, and serving different industries.

Company Profile
Company Profile
Corona Treater
We have been selected for WQC International Star Award in the Gold Category, Paris 2001 for our commitment to quality in our product.

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Our Customers
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